Time to Get Involved – If you Want Free Public WIFI

Andrew Rasiej is running for Public Advocate of New York City. His campaign is accessible, and so is he. Come meet him tonight and find out why this position matters to your life as a New Yorker. It will be fun. It doesn’t cost anything. You will definitely learn something. And you’ll leave feeling connected to purpose – and people. So if those things matter to you – Please Come.

Tonight is your opportunity to meet Andrew and learn about his plans to bring free public wifi access to the five boroughs. This would make your life enormously better since you wouldn’t have to pay those annoying charges in cafes, or purchase expensive accounts with Time/Warner.

You can read an interview with Andrew at The Gothamist

and here is his website.

Why should you care about the Public Advocate? For one thing, even though he’s forty something, Andrew is also a kid and he cares about young people – about bringing music to the city and keeping it affordable, finding ways to connect people to jobs, and especially helping people get access to information.

He has helped to bring technology to schools, and he actually walks the walk of connecting to human beings, not just to money, which is what drives many politicians. In fact, Andrew is only accepting 100 dollar contributions – no more. He thinks big money has a way of tilting politics away from the needs of regular folks including twenty somethings (and others!) working three jobs and going to school.

You can meet Andrew tonight at a friend-raiser. The important thing is to bring a friend. If you can also bring money, (less than 100 bucks is perfect), that’s fine too. But the friend is the key. Andrew sees every New Yorker as a potential public advocate. And that includes you.

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