Return of the Feet

I learned early in college that the first hint of sunshine heralds the return of the cheapest, flimsiest, possibly most popular form of women’s shoes: flip flops. At my college, any day when the temperature went above 40, you could expect to hear the reverberations of a thousand lazy feet flapping and slapping the paths around campus.

And I’ve worn them myself, at school and in the summer, although I am a little more conservative about when I actually break them out. I’ve worn them for entire summer days, ridden the subway, gone into stores, and marveled at the end of the day, in a bar, how disgusting my feet got in just a few hours. Flip-flops keep you exposed and close the ground, highly susceptible to the grime the city spews up.

So it was no surprise that I saw flip-flops on feet on the subway this morning. It is, after all, supposed to reach 70 today, and I bet there was more than one woman in the city who felt completely unprepared and tore her closet apart looking for her favorite pair from last year. Not me. I had lunch outside, but I wore sneakers. We have months and months in which to get our feet dirty, I’m in no rush.

Although eating outside, no matter how you are clothed, presents plenty of hazards. If you’re looking for me today, I’ll be the one with gum on my butt.

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