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To the Guy Yelling on the 4 Train That He’s From Heaven and Was Sent Here For Our 19 Year Old Girls

Dude, you’re fucking weird. What the hell was that ‘I am from Heaven and your lighting here on earth is too strong for my unearthly eyes’ shit? Know what it was? uh, the greatest thing i’ve ever heard in my life, that’s what. You are a beautiful car accident my friend. Watching you cover your eyes first with your elbow, then your mask-shaped cardboard cut out (yea, read that again), all while telling us that you were sent from heaven for our nineteen year old girls was nothing short of brilliant. Do you have a best friend? If not, i’m so fucking there. I don’t care about your perforated Cancun tank top or that you’re a five foot Mescan with dripping jerry curls. You’re awesome!

p.s. whatever you were on I gotta get my hands on. contact me throught the comments section.

And Here’s To The Scots

Tartan Day Tunes Of Glory ParadeThose of you who exploited the opportunity to have couple of drinks during the lunch hour on St. Peter’s day might not get very excited on April 2nd. Well, it’s the The National Tartan Day, the day for celebrating the Scottish-everything! Apparently it’s not as popular as St. Pet’s day when even lines on the roads gets green but the reason couldn’t be simpler: it’s not supposed to be you

City In The Bloom

Orchid show at NY Botanical GardensThe City has its ways of celebrating the spring within its concrete high-rises and we had a chance to experience couple of them last week. These are some really refreshing and pleasing experiences you might have during this season so get ready to mark your calendars!

It begins with The Orchid Show hosted at New York Botanical Gardens. The orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers you might come across and so you can imagine the thrill when you get surrounded by thousands of them from the selected species. Unfortunately the show just ended couple of days ago but you can catch some glimpse of how it was like. And if you like those glimpse, stay tuned for yet another orchid event coming to the City at Rockefeller Center: The International Orchid Show starting April 12!

Spring in New York probably won’t be complete without Macy’s Annual Flower Show with over a million flowers on their shop floor. Although you might notice that flowers are all strategically kept near departments for women in a way that people passing by will see the items on sell first and the flowers later. So be warned that even if the show is free your female companion may end up spending some big bucks ;). However the most interesting thing I saw there was this big fish spitting out water in the tub. This fish is apparently hanging in the air without any water inlets but is spitting out water anyway continuously. You will find several people standing around that fish wondering how the hack they do this. We know the answer but if you too can figure out, do post it in the comments!

Finally, there is still no reason for not visiting NY Botanical Gardens. These guys have their own Spring Flower Show starting April 12 and that also makes it a perfect excuse to check out their awesome desert collection and thousands of Daffodils too :).

Shut Out/Sold Out/Priced Out in NYC

Did anyone else attempt to get tickets for the Nine Inch Nails shows at Hammerstein? Well, if you did you know that they were sold out the second they went on sale and most people were completely shut out from getting tickets. I know at least 12 people who were attempting but only one succeeded because he wrote a script to continually poll the Ticketmaster (boo!) site. Now that

Metroblogging BEST OF

Can’t get enough of MetBlogs? Well then check out the new “Best Of” section on the main Metroblogging site which culls the latest and greatest posts from all of our cites around the world. As per our fearless leader Sean Bonner:

We’ve been hearing from people for a while that they really enjoy reading some of the entries on metblogs around the world but can’t keep up reading so many sites all the time. We’re hoping our new Best Of feature will help. By collecting interesting posts from all over the Metroblogging network into one place we’d like to think it’s now a little easier to see what’s going on in someone elses corner of the world. Lauren is doing a great job tying everything together and of course there are feeds available.

So check it out and by all means, if you think one of the posts on NYC Metblogs is BEST OF worthly, leave us a comment and we will make sure to get it up there.

NYC’s finally rockin again!

Great music seems to have made its way in NYC in the last few weeks and there is plenty more to come. In the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of seeing three fantastic live performances, all at Bowery Ballroom which has definitely rocketed to the top of my list of the best NYC venues.

Three Wednesdays ago, Hot Hot Heat played with Louis XIV at Bowery Ballroom. While I was defnitely there to see HHH, I had heard San Diego based Louis XIV first single

Blogger Showcase!

Tonight at 7:30pm, P.S. 122 is hosting the WYSIWYG Talent Show. It’s their monthly all-blogger reading and performance series.

The theme for March – The City That Never Shuts Up: New York Stories. For $7, you can watch a night of storytelling with some of New York’s funniest bloggers.

Featured readers include:

* Eurotrash
* Joe Jervis
* Maccers
* Dan Rhatigan
* Giulia Rozzi
* Jeff S.

Performance Space 122 is located at 150 First Ave. at E. 9th St.

If you need a place to eat and drink on the cheap before the show, head to Lunasa at 126 First Ave. Happy hour runs from 4pm to 7pm on weekdays, with two-for-one drink specials and half-price appetizers.

Musings of a Real Estate Junky

Sure, everyone has known about Williamsburg for a while, and it

Attention Shoppers!

There are few activities more stressful than grocery shopping on a weekend in the city.

How do supermarkets here get away with calling those aisles?! AH!

Clovers and Blue Moons!

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day, a day of mass celebration in New York.

And, as on any day of mass celebration, beware the sawdust piles. Celebration, indeed.

I’m so glad I live at the end of the parade route and right above one of the area’s best pizzerias. I’ve already witnessed about a dozen people stumble, falling onto the cement in a stupor. What a great day to be (of) Irish (heritage)!

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