Welcome to winter

A few snowflakes made their way to NYC today and it looks like they will continue to fall throughout the night and into morning.

There was a time when I would be excited about the first snowfall of the season, but I’m old and jaded now. These days when I think “snow” I think “major pain in the ass.” Snow can be pretty to look at and in theory it’s a wondrous event. but in practice… it sucks. It’s messy and cold and it screws up every form of transportation in the city, including subways that are far underground and nowhere near the surface that the snow is covering!

When you are a kid, you associate snow with a day off from school. But as an adult, you can’t just put work and life on hold for a snow day. So maybe it’s not snow itself that I dislike so much. Maybe it’s being reminded that I’m not a kid who gets snow days anymore, in school with no other responsibilities, no other cares in the world, that I really hate.

If you have the luxury of being able to take a personal snow day tomorrow, I advise you to do it :) And if there is enough snow on the ground – make some snow angels in my honor!

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