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Dear Bicyclists of NYC!

Today I moved from my BK sublet up to a friend’s place at Lex and 28. Doing so, I yanked my luggage into a cab to go up to the new place, and on the way, the cab hit a lady on the bike.

Now, the good news is – she did not die. But she could have.


Dude, where are all your cars?

Seriously people, where did all the cars go? I understand that $4.50 a gallon is steep but I didn’t expect that after spending 3 months in India, I’d come back to a city with significantly less traffic and cars on the roads. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I definitely see a huge decline in road traffic. I’m not complaining about it either, this is a welcome change to me. But now that the MTA is talking about hikes in their fares, will that cause more folks to revert back to the convenience of driving to work?

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