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My Second Broadway Experience

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I went to watch Exit the King yesterday on Broadway. It was a matinee and I happened upon the tickets as a gift. The lower mezzanine, first row seats were a welcome surprise.

To the historic theater, I brought a can of seltzer water to take with me inside. I also purchased a candy bar (from England) as a snack which I didn’t end up eating.

The play has Geoffrey Rush, Susan Sarandon and Lauren Ambrose. But I felt that the 3 character actors stole the show. Well, Geoffrey Rush was spectacular but the rest were not utilized to the best of their ability. Susan Sarandon’s fan club must have been in the audience because despite a lousy and monotonous delivery, she received the greatest praise. . . which leads me to believe that the matinee going public in NYC is hungrier for the stars than the actual content of what they go see. This is based on when I saw Rosie O’Donnel’s horrific performance in Fiddler on the Roof…and she received huge standing ovations.

I thought the play had a great ending, smelly jokes and it was OK overall. But the experience of being in that theater with the specific crowd which happened to be there was most inviting. The antique chandeliers, the sound guy, the folks behind me who thought that every single moment was uproariously funny, my guest who warned me that I’d be kicked out for drinking a can of seltzer water…but that it’s OK to drink a bottle of water that you’ve brought?

Broadway is a weird place. You’re inside this gorgeous theater where people are pretending to be someone they’re not and they’re applauded for delivering lines to one another. I guess it’s acting overall that is intriguing to me. But when witnessing a master of his craft like Geoffrey Rush, it makes you wonder what makes people tick.

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