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Thank you leather pants lady

Yesterday while riding the quiet E train, a woman who was handicapped started smoking a cigarette on the train. No one got up no one complained. The doors opened at 71st Continental Avenue, some of the smoke exited the car. A few minutes later, she started smoking another cigarette. Again, no one complained, a lot of heads turned, but that was it.

She was in violation of the MTA NYC Transit code – Disorderly Conduct would have been the charge she could suffer.

This evening on the Queens bound F train, a woman had placed a giant shopping bag on the seat next to hers. I wanted to sit on this seat – even though there were other empty spots. So I squeezed on, having a portion of my behind take up a tiny bit space that remained empty on the chair. The woman proceeded to remove the shopping bag and got up.

“Thank you,” I said to her. “You’re welcome,” she responded with some bitterness in her voice.

Nice leather pants by the way, lady.

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