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MoMa Soaking, Dali Toking

As I waited on line to get admission for the museum of Modern Art, better known as MoMa, I heard many people speaking in different languages. The guy behind me poked my head with his umbrella several times spoke German. But he also sheltered me unwillingly from the rain (for a little bit).

Once inside the museum, it seemed more like the local Whole Foods than a museum. Everyone and their mothers was there. And since I’m not a big fan of modern art nor do I know anything about Dali except for the fact that he painted a lot of crazy things including melting clocks, I was paying attention to the people.

Dali at MoMa

Dali at MoMa

It seemed to me that everyone in there wanted to follow a certain decorum. People, it occurred to me stared with serious faces at the captions on the walls even if the content was hilarious. . . which some of it totally was. And another thing I noticed was that there was no way the 3 security guards in each room could come even close to enforcing the strict “no photography” policy. MoMa authorities, if you’re reading this, I suggest a throwback to grade school – CONFISCATE until they leave the premises.

And lastly, many people were talking about how slippery the city was with flip flops on. . . since it rained tonight. Now I’m exactly the type of person to tell you, I told ya so.

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