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The most important date of the year, November 2nd

I know Fern’s already done an incredible job of posting about the Marathon, but it’s my birthday and I feel this subject is so important that it needs 2 posts.

Not since the last NYC Marathon have I seen / heard such great hype about the NYC Marathon. This year, the marathon happens to fall on my birthday. So, as a New Yorker who truly commits himself to never exercising and rarely doing anything active, this date can also be a bummer since it’s hard to maneuver around town. But at least, it’s better than what happened on my birthday in 2004—America re-elected W.. Although, after just having seen Hacking Democracy & learning more about voting machine tampering, I don’t know if I really write that W. was elected.

Back to the marathon, the NYTimes has done an excellent job of mapping out the marathon’s course so that if I do elect to go out for my birthday, I know what roads to avoid when driving. The thon, as I like to call it, spans all 5 boroughs of the city. A few of my friends are running in it and 26 miles sounds like a piece of cake, but if you think about it, that’s a long freaking way. And this year, about 40,000 people will be running and several others watching.

I like to think that it’s a celebration of my life. Thank you all. I am honored.

NYC Marathon This Sunday November 2nd

martineric/wikimedia commonsAs almost everyone knows, the NYC Marathon is on for this coming Sunday, November 2. I always watch it on TV, but it’s very exciting to watch it in person! However, you have to be familiar with the route and schedule of the runners in order to catch it in any of the five boroughs. The best website is : the official website of the ING NYC Marathon/NY Road Runners
Especially for newcomers to the city, visitors, or anyone otherwise new to Marathon viewing, you want to check out the website so you don’t go to the wrong place at the wrong time [or the right place at the wrong time]

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