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Feathers in Bryant Park

Feathers flew ferociously in Bryant Park a couple of weeks back. Now I see them on Law & Order SVU’s trailer featuring Robin Williams.

Another curiosity about this page is that only a few months ago, I saw B.D. Wong being held up by JFK security line delays as he fought to board his JetBlue flight to San Francisco. At that time I was wondering how B.D. was doing financially since all I could recall was that I knew his face from 80s movies. And now he’s on SVU. Lord bless Law & Order and all the food it puts on so many hundreds of actors’ tables.

Public displays of affection

You don’t have to look at my earlier post of spring blossoms to realize that the season of mating is here. All you need to do is have a New Yorker’s eyes (we notice everything yet pretend we don’t see anything.)

Last week at Bryant Park at around 5 pm – in the broad pre-evening daylight – I saw a couple making out. But not only were they making out – they were damn near engaging in activities far too nude for a public space. I noticed and continued walking. What else could I do? Tell them to stop and get a room? Hell no I wasn’t going to interrupt.

As I decided to walk by the carousel and do a circle (really a square) lap, I noticed even more couples, like lovebirds whispering, giggling, situated on top of one other on chairs. Or nuzzled up close engaging in some sort of affectionate activities.

Now it’s fine to give your lover a kiss or hold hands. We expect that and it’s nice. But to fornicate in daylight is NOT. Get a room or do what any respectable couple does: go to an independent film on a Tuesday night’s screening. But I didn’t tell you this if you get escorted out.

I almost took a photo for this post but looking back, I’m really glad I didn’t.

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