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Queens Blvd Echoes

Usually you have to be in the mountains somewhere, way up high or in a cave or maybe some really acoustically enhanced building to experience echoes. What I didn’t realize just until yesterday is that there is an echo underneath the 7 train all throughout Queens Blvd.

You might have seen the space under the above ground train tracks being occupied by cars. Well yesterday when I was in dire need of a restroom and crossed my way to the Burger King on 40th street and Queens Blvd. I experienced this echo and was instantly amazed.

My mom, who works in LIC said “didn’t you know that? the echo goes throughout Queens Blvd.”

Well then we just all started hooting and hollering and saying ‘hello’ which seems to be the most common phrase uttered when an echo is recognized.

You don’t have to take my word for it, try it out for yourSELF.

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