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Free Wifi Alert

I can’t believe the idea to reveal this to you came when I was 100% sober, but before I regret it (and because I love you so much), here it goes…there is a new cafe on 13th & B with free wifi, a couch, and laid back staff. Unfortunately, they serve the same gross muffins that are everywhere, but the coffee is fine. A short walk from Alt.Coffee too, if that place is full when you arrive. It’s worth checking out , as long as you don’t STEAL MY SEAT!

Adult Proof Ring Tones are Annoying (But it’s Cool I Can Still Hear Them)


I read about this supposedly adult-proof ringtone that was developed in Britain so kids could receive calls without adults knowing a few weeks ago, but now the NY Times has a good article about the technology behind and how kids are using it in NYC schools. The best part of the article is that they actually have an audio sample of the file, so you can finally get a scientific answer to that question that’s been lingering in your (my) head; “Am I getting old?”

Well I gave the ringtone a listen and I’m proud to announce that even though I just turned the big Three Zero, I can still hear it extremely clearly and it’s annoying as hell. Yay–I’m not old! How about you? Can you hear it?

Zen on your computer screen.


We don’t get to see many great sunsets here in NYC. (Let’s face it, lately we’ve hardly seen the sun.)

I think that’s why I’m loving this website so much. Click on it any time to see the sun setting in real time somewhere in the world. Who knows–maybe someday you’ll even catch the one you’re missing right here in NYC as you stare at the wall of that skyscraper next to you.

In-store Sales Reps Suck !

For anyone who has shoped in a “Big-Box” store in the US, this is a story you will relate to. Over the past two weeks, my experience in some stores in NYC, has re-affirmed my faith that we do need to outsource the in-store customer service to India or any other place where people are willing to work, and not be the lazy asses they are in the stores here.

Sunday night we were at Pathmark, a food supermarket.We were looking for a particular kind of oil. We couldn’t locate it and so ask the one of the store employees working in that aisle. She gives us a super vague answer and walks away. We go and explore her answer, just to find that she was completely bullshitting and didn’t even know what we were asking for. Instead of taking the trouble to look it up either on the shelves or the computer, we were stonewalled. I threw a fit and asked for the store manager and he came after 15 minutes, and said that they don’t even carry that product. So on what basis was the earlier store employee telling us that it was on some shelf !

The second instance was at Circuit City yesterday. I was looking for a SATA Hard drive connector cable. As soon as I walk in, one of the reps walks over and in a “parrot way of talking” announces “Welcome to Circuit City…..”. For once I thought, great, here is someone wanting to help.


Mmmm Apple


The new Apple store on 5th Avenue is nice.

It will remain open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Too bad the new Macbook is being reported as having several issues that are familiar to P.C. products. Click here for more photos of the building.

Earth Day in New York

Tomorrow is Earth Day

The city has a whole bunch of free events that you can be a part of. Especially with the weather playing spoilsport.

Earth Day at Grand Central

Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

NY Green Events and Ideas

Stop Global Warming


Here is some history about Earth Day.

Here is the official site of the Earth Day Network

Image courtesy Fight Global Warming

How to Make a Good Podcast


Needed for a good podcast:

1. Really expensive recorder (lower left hand corner)
2. Really great producer/friend (hand on the right side)
3. A digital mixing program (front & center)
4. Music (not pictured)

World’s Largest Error Message Found in Times Square?


Rarely does my geeky work alter-ego get to hear anything remotely appliable to NYC (or remotely interesting for that matter) but I couldn’t resist noting this post on NetworkWorld:

We went down to New York for the long weekend. Despite the 16-degree weather, we walked down to Times Square – all the bright lights lured us the ten blocks from our hotel. When we got there, we stood like, well, tourists, gaping at all the electronic billboards. And then, across the square, I saw it: the world’s largest Windows error message – on a two-story high e-billboard (I guess everything really is bigger in New York). It was the only billboard in the entire square with absolutely no movement – since the PC running it had obviously frozen.

Very amusing stuff, although I hate to be a total nerd and point out that fact that this *isn’t* actually a Windows error per say, but a DirectX error. It’s hard to tell, but I’m willing to bet it’s an application error based on the wording. Still very, very funny though. More detailed pic after the jump…

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