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Microsoft Vista Acrobatics

2007_01_vistalaunch2.jpgMicrosoft always makes waves when they release a new product. The song “Start Me Up” by the
Rolling Stones has become synonymous with Windows 95 thanks to an aggressive ad campaign. So, you know the technology mega-corporation would do something huge to top past efforts with today’s highly anticipated release of Vista, the latest installment of their popular “Windows” operating system… Enter Cirque Du Soleil.

[Photo courtesy Gothamist]

“What’s there to eat around there?”


I don’t even remember where I came across this–so I’m afraid I can’t give credit where credit is due–but this MondoMap of NYC neighborhoods is pretty cool. Right now it includes Koreatown, Curry Hill, Alphabet City, Clinton Street, and Little Italy, and in a very clean, user-friendly, and intuitive format maps out each of the restaurants and businesses in those neighborhoods.

Very cool, very useful (much more so than Google or Yahoo Maps, in my opinion), and hopefully they will continue to expand and cover all of the city’s many neighborhoods.

The greening of our green spaces.


Let’s hear it for the Parks Department–as early as 2008, they could be jumping on the green energy bandwagon! (Though this article points out that 2009 is probably more likely.) If all goes as planned, that’s when a new wind, solar, and tidal energy plant could open on Randall’s Island.

It’s a small step, but a hugely significant one that could eventually lead to a greater reliance on renewable energy here in the city. New York is sometimes considered more “European” than “American,” but let’s face it, we’ve really lagged behind a some of the major European cities on this particular front.

Anyone live in any of NYC’s green apartment buildings? If I had the money, I totally would. It’s unfortunate that being ecologically responsible has to be such a luxury, but hopefully this new hybrid plant on Randall’s Island will be a step toward changing that.

New York’s Gifts to the World: Gift #3

Over the next week, many Metroblogging communities will be posting a list of 7 unique things (one per day) that their cities contribute to the world. Being such an important part of world culture, New York couldn’t pass up this opportunity!

Without further ado, below is today’s gift:

NY22%20ESB%20Top%2002.jpgNYC is the land of BIG… No, Sex & The city Fans, I am not referring to Chris Noth. I am referring to the architecture and infrastructure that separates NYC from every other US mega-city and makes it the most easily traversed and interesting destinations in the world. NY does everything large. Big buildings, the broadest and most utilized subway system in the world, our well-designed road system and, of course, some of the largest and most beautiful bridges in the country.

Life Without Toilet Paper

I was just browsing around the internet, trying to bore myself to sleep with random useless information when I ran across this fun fact: Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City invented toilet paper in 1857. What a marvelous year that must have been! Did everybody up until then use coarse objects, or perhaps nothing at all? To me it’s always interesting to think back to before a time that I could never even imagine living in, and to be alive during the invention of toilet paper would seem like such an amazing “invention,” one would think. Or maybe that is just because our present day culture is so wrapped up in vanity and hygiene, and we’re used to it, so maybe it wasn’t really such a big deal afterall? Regardless, I thought it was interesting, especially because a man of New York City invented it. I’ve honestly never really thought about the invention of toilet paper, but I would have always thought it would have been a suburban farmer or something?

TechCrunch Meetup

I don’t really know the NYCMB’s readership that well yet, so bear with me if I fumble this for a few of you. Last night, I went to TechCrunch 8, a party/networking event for the Web 2.0 crowd to see what was on offer. I visited all the booths and grabbed lots of schwag. It rocked. Awesome Web 2.0 stuff! Read on, good people. Lots more behind the jump.



My buddy Neil over at Metblogs Melbourne pointed this really cool site out to me… Basically, you type in a message and it gives you pictures of buildings that spell out that message for you. VERY cool Google Maps mashup.

This would be great for a website header, logo, or simple banner ad.

[Photo courtesy of geoGreeting!]

The Works

2005_11_theworks.jpgAs you walk around the streets of our fair city, you’d never guess that there is truly a whole society below the concrete made up of pipes, sewer systems, electrical wiring, phone lines, cable lines, subway tunnels, traffic sensors, ancient and modern ruins, tree roots, storage rooms, etc, etc, etc.

Using interesting and quirky facts alongside well-written, organized passages and vivid imagery, Kate Ascher’s 2005 book “The Works: Anatomy of a City” will explain the infrastructure of New York to you in stunning detail. I know I am a bit late picking up the ball on this one, but while I read this last year, I just reread it and remembered what a great book it is.

Musings and Realizations

graffiti6.jpg– I am really sick of the stupid graffiti around the city; mainly because it is unoriginal. The big thing still remains defacing movie posters… This entails either drawing a mustache, blacking out a tooth of one of the actors, or best of all, drawing a penis and testicles in the mouth region. This is the same lame graffiti that these punks were doing when my parents were kids, and when I was a kid. At least be original!

– I have always loved kids, so in the subway, I will play games with them. Peek-a-boo, making faces, anything like that. I attribute it to the fact that my maturity level and intelligence level marginally trump theirs. However, as of late, I have noticed that the kids seem to get sick of my games before I do. That is when you know you have a problem! I mean, if these kids are thinking “alright dude, I get it. When you cover your eyes, I am supposed to think you are gone. It’s enough! You’re embarrasing yourself,” there is a serious issue.

– What ever happened to UHF? Do those stations still exist?

– OK, so as usual, I am WAY late in picking up the trends, but I recently started getting into MySpace. Quickly, after scouring through profiles from people from my high school, I notice that MySpace has a similar phenomenon that the internet had, and still has… People putting up a profile with a million hoodads, whatzits, and bells/whistles but no real content. Some of these profiles don’t have ONE WORD about the person, except that they like “Fiddy Cent,” but has like 4 songs playing at once, all types of special cursors, background images, embedded files, and sound effects. The worst are these jerks who put up a dark color background, and then lighten the font color. Are they trying to keep the thing a secret?

– In Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (which any guy in the US will say is one of the best games ever invented, if not number 1), was the black trainer guy supposed to be Al Roker? He looked A LOT like him. My friend Shannon pointed out that he also resembles Stanley from “The Office,” the best show on TV!

The Worlds Fair of Technology… here in New York


Actually, it’s the Wired NextFest event that’s being held at the Javits Center, and for someone who enjoys this kind of thing (like I do), it’ll FEEL like a World’s Fair.

Last night, I was able to get a sneak peak at the event (which doesn’t really open until Friday). I love being a +1 for these things!

I would really suggest checking this out. Even if you’re not a Techy, there’s LOT’S of entertaining stuff. My friend was DREADING this (she’s more of a fashionista), and she ended up having a ball.

The big hits last night were the Robots. There was one that ballroom danced, one with an Albert Einstein head, one that’s a DJ, one that pours drinks, and one that could be a receptionist or nanny. That one LOOKS like a real woman. Freaky.

Then, for you boys, there were lots of games. Virtual canoeing, musical climbing wall, karate trainer, games that insert YOU into them, virtual tennis… you get the picture.

Of course, there were plenty of innovations in Healthcare, Security, Transportation, Space Exploration, Communication, Design and lots of new Environmentally friendly products. Yay!

Even though my head is still spinning a bit while I sit here thinking about all the cool shit I saw, I wish it was a larger event – like the Auto Show – but I’m going back on Saturday since not everything was up yet.

Sadly, I don’t think they’ll be serving free alcohol and food again.

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