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What Will Become of Big Cup?

Odd to think it’s already been 8 months since the Big Cup coffee shop in Chelsea closed due to increased rent. In case you can’t remember that far back, here’s the Wikipedia entry which outlines Big Cup’s 11 year journey from “central meeting place for many gay New Yorkers” to “the deepest pit in gay hell next to Rufus Wainwright’s colon” and finally to closing due to increased rent from “$16,500 a month to $21,500 a month without…any warning”

Incidentally, I lived down the street from Big Cup for 3 months two summers ago when trapped in sublet hell in Chelsea. However I was too busy trying to move to Brooklyn to hang out there and only went in once for an extremely late night pick me up on the way to the hospital for a long haul evening of sitting around waiting for a friend to give birth. On that occasion I sampled some perfectly decent espresso and less than decent but not awful service. Less than decent because one of the employees tried to commandeer my bottle of Veuve when I accidently left it unattended for just a few moments; not awful because after I explained I was on my way to toast a new born, the bottle was reluctantly returned.

But enough anecdotes–I passed by the old site of Big Cup just last week and noted that nothing has become of the space yet. I also noted this particularly amusing signage:


Then, just yesterday the fate of old Big Cup’s space was revealed…sort of. Here’s the new signage. Any clue WTF?


Close up photo that highlights their amusing email address after the jump.

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