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Old Ads

There’s something special about an old painted ad on a brick wall. There is that combination of permanence and nostalgia that a screen printed vinyl billboard can never match. It’s becoming tougher to see an old ad exposed and not covered by a newer one or graffiti. Here’s a classic Diet Rite ad on a wall in the Brooklyn neighborhood with no name (although real estate brokers sell it as Greenwood Heights or Park Slope South or South Slope but that’s another post for another day).

Microsoft Vista Acrobatics

2007_01_vistalaunch2.jpgMicrosoft always makes waves when they release a new product. The song “Start Me Up” by the
Rolling Stones has become synonymous with Windows 95 thanks to an aggressive ad campaign. So, you know the technology mega-corporation would do something huge to top past efforts with today’s highly anticipated release of Vista, the latest installment of their popular “Windows” operating system… Enter Cirque Du Soleil.

[Photo courtesy Gothamist]

“Only your wallet knows for sure.”


Anyone remember the good ol’ days, when fake coke was sold in “adult bookstores and boutiques throughout Manhattan”?

[via BoingBoing]

Every Ad in Times Square


Above is a snippet from the department of “This guy has too much freaking time on his hands but damn is that a cool idea!” Yes, it’s Every Advertisement in Times Square. Well, more or less every ad in Times Square. I find the fact that he says it took him only 20 minutes to take all the photos and 2 or 3 hours to crop them all together mind-boggling. He’s much more efficient than I am. Very cool though.

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