New Yorkers Protest Prop 8

Photo by Nathan Bullock

Last week marked a historic election and true milestone for this country. But while so many people celebrated, looking with hope to the future, the country suffered a hit to civil rights more reflective of its past. Proposition 8 (a ban on gay marriage) passed in California, along with other anti-gay rights measures in Florida and Arkansas. Last night, I joined a protest against prop 8 here in New York.

Since many people, including myself, invested so much energy into the presidential election, opposition to proposition 8 did not receive its needed support until too late. Now that it passed, protests have erupted all over the country. Last night, New York City joined the list of protesting cities. Gathering in front of a Mormon church (one of the biggest promoters of the proposition), a large crowd came together with signs and chants to peacefully show their opposition to the gay marriage ban.

As the crowd swelled, the mood seemed almost cheerful.  Strangers conversing, complimenting each others’ signs. One of my companions had a sign saying “No More Mr. Nice Gay”, which drew some laughs. Some of my other favorites included “Why do you hate my friends?”, “I didn’t ask her to ‘civil union’ me”, and “Our Big Love is stronger than your small hate” with a picture from the acclaimed HBO series. We marched towards Columbus Circle, encountering spectators and reporters along the way.

It wasn’t until we reach Central Park West that I realized the size of the crowd. Definitely a healthy showing. There will be another protest this Saturday at 1:30pm at City Hall, 260 Broadway.

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