Seven years ago on 9/11

Seven years ago today, the world stopped for the city. The greatest city in the world was hit the hardest it has been in its 400+ years of existence. The city that never sleeps, was brought to its knees. Only momentarily though. Like only New York can, it rebounded, kicked back and was its alive self in a few hours. The blood in its veins, cut off at the time of the airplane attacks, started flowing…the subways were back on line at 7 pm.

A lot of people will say we need to move on, and yes we do. Therefore we are not in perpetual mourning for 364 days. However this one day we need to stop and think of what happened and what has collectively changed for the citizens for this city and as a matter of fact for the whole country post 9/11.

Surprisingly, the NYTimes does not have a single mention of today on its front page. Wonder why. I am really disappointed especially as a long time reader and fan of the NYT.


I leave you with this image from the NYT, and the knowing that you will be thinking about the same issues that I am in this election year.

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  1. thatgirl39 on September 12th, 2008 @ 8:42 am

    Thank you for summing up in this post how I’m sure a lot of people feel about 9/11. I’m from the UK and visited New York City this year. It is such a vibrant place and I cannot imagine how it would have been to see the horrific events of that day unfolding.
    I hope everyone across the world gives a thought to those events at least once a year. I know that my daughter will learn about it as part of modern history when she’s old enough and we hope to take her back to NYC with us so she can experience this truly amazing place.

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