Do you know the Pigeon Man?

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So there’s a man in Washington Square Park who feeds the pigeons. I see him nearly everyday when I go to the park at lunch. Not only does he feed them, he seems to know each one, calls them by name and lets them perch all over him. Sometimes he’ll have one on his head, several on his shoulders, and some on his arms.

Now, I love animals…But pigeons, really? I might not subscribe to the common phrase that pigeons are rats with wings, but they get plenty to eat in this city. And I sort of feel that feeding them just encourages them to bother the rest of us more. Ever since an unfortunate incident involving me sitting under a tree in Herald Square and and a pigeon perched above me, I’ve never particularly liked them. Of course, that taught me to be careful where I sit in the future!

You’d think having pigeons perched all over you might land you in a similar, messy situation…

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