No More Fake Louis Vuitton Bags and Nike Shoes

my-vuitton-is-a-fake.jpgWell only for a short while, till the next consignment from commieland lands up on US shores.

More than 20,000 pairs of counterfeit Nike sneakers, as well as fake batteries, baseball caps and Louis Vuitton handbags, were among $25 million in goods seized in raids in New York City, on Long Island and in New Jersey, the authorities said on Wednesday. Two men, called “midlevel warehouse runners,” were arrested this month on federal counterfeiting charges. [link]

What I have always wondered is…does suppressing the counterfeit market really bolster the sales of the originals. 99% of people who buy the 20$ knock-offs at Canal Street, will never buy a 1500$ original. So its not really affecting the sales of Vuitton. In the same way, a fake is easily identifiable. It fools no one. So why spend all the time and effort going after them. I know my arguement is not wholesome. Comments welcome.

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  1. dngcal on April 28th, 2008 @ 4:17 pm

    There are some fakes that are obvious..However: many Chinese sites provide great copies/replicas that even a sales person at a Gucci shop can not tell. Most of the new replicas coming from China are too good. Recently I purchased a pair of Gucci shoes from a Chinese site and to my surpise they were exactly like the GUCCI’s I purchased from a Gucci store in Italy. Note: stitch by stitch exactly. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    Most of the REAL items are made in Brazil, Mexico and yes even in CHINA!!!! whats the difference? If we buy an item from a dealer on CANAL street or an online shop from China how do we hurt the economy. Think about this: If we buy an item from Gucci..or FENDI the profits go back to Italy. If we buy a replica from a dealer on Canal street in NYC..he will spend his profits in NYC the USA. Therefore: as a collective we help OUR ECONOMY by purchasing the replica. The only people who would disagree with me are those in the fashion industry who are part of that "system". Also: one can not obtain a PATENT on fashion so whats the harm? The only thing they have is the copyright of the brand name/logo. If the logo is NOT on the item NO LAW is broken. Many of the designers STEAL ideas from the street and apply it to their 700$ Gucci shoes.. Lets get real, No sneaker, even a GUCCI is "worth" 700 Dollars… If the Chinese can make a perfect replica and sell it for 60 bucks and still make a profit thats called FREE MARKET Capitalism. I think its just sour grapes to the Gucci’s, Fendis and Aramani’s of the world.

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