An old lady saved me from falling on the subway

Don’t underestimate the elderly! They possess powers beyond the naked eye. They are helpful and sweet – and deserve the seat every time!

This happened yesterday on the Manhattan-bound E train at around 9 am.

I got a seat at 23rd Ely Avenue only to notice an elderly woman’s patch of golden curly hair. I asked if she wanted to sit down and she said yes. I stood up and at that very moment the train started moving, she was at least 6-8″ shorter than me; but she grabbed me by my arm and I held on to her arm for dear life. Once the shakiness was over, I helped seat her and stood there smiling for the rest of the ride.

When you go to help someone out, you’re ALWAYS helping yourself. Remember that jerks that don’t get up for the pregnant ladies and elderly.

After this was all over, she got off at 7th Avenue and encouraged me to “Have a seat!”

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