Extreme Congestion Pricing

Now there’s a guy out there with a congestion pricing proposal that takes the idea to its logical extreme with high 24 hour congestion charges and parking fees used to fund FREE mass transit. I don’t have time to comment on it but one should know that it’s out there.

“Just how steep? Komanoff suggests $16 for any car entering Manhattan below 60th Street, 24-hours a day. The fee would be double that for trucks. That’s just for starters. There also would be a 25 percent taxi surcharge, and higher fees for parking on the street.

It’s all the brainchild of Ted Kheel, 93, the renowned labor negotiator who commissioned the $100,000 study, which was formally presented at a breakfast Tuesday. It may sound extreme, but supporters say the plan takes congestion pricing to its logical conclusion.”

Personally, I don’t think either roads, parking or mass transit should be free–but if one had to pick which one comes closest to being in the “public interest” (whatever that means) in a city like NY, it would be mass transit.

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