Correlation between Modified Life & Height?

Seems like a silly statement, but while at the Opening of Modified Eros: a photographic celebration of body modification at Arena Studios, I noticed that this one woman seemed to take an interest in something about me. I noticed her, but there was too much to see for me to focus on any one person.

Finally, she approached me and said – “Did you notice that we’re the only full sized people here?”. Hm. I looked around and started to laugh. At first, I thought she meant Full Figured and I almost took offense until I realized that we were probably the tallest people in the place. To be fair, I told her I was cheating with my 4 inch heels and I guess I should mention that she may have either been a Transvestite or Transsexual – so she was cheating too.

She then continued by saying… “do you think it’s the lifestyle?”

Huh??? I didn’t know if she was being funny. She went on to say – “do you think they started so early in life that it affected their growth.” Maybe she wasn’t being funny. I turned around and one of my friends was standing next to one of the models who’s probably under 5 feet when the woman asked if I thought it would be ok if she asked the model about her “size” – then she started to giggle. Seems she was just being silly. I told her that for Opening Night, only the shorties were invited… I slipped in since I knew someone, but the rest of the full-sized people would be there on Saturday.

We both had a good laugh. All in good fun.
Thing is, there are people that really are that stupid and narrow-minded when it comes to people with lifestyles different than theirs. Personally, I think people like that need a good enema. But that’s just me.

Great show by the way – I have to go back since I missed so much of it because of the crowd. If you want to catch it, you have until January 18, 2008.
I also want to take a better look at the 2 rooms Arena Studious rents out for photo shoots. Totally hooked up with a shitload of BD/SM gear. Sexy.


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