Want a coffee with that hug? Abrazo

http://nyc.metblogs.com/archives/images/2007/10/Photo%2096-thumb.jpgAbrazo coffee has been open for a few months now. Well, not exactly. Jamie (his hair appears in the photo to the right), one of the 3 partners of the quaint East Village coffee shop is an extremely friendly character; so when people came by and asked “hey what’s this?” he gives them a detailed explanation and finally offers up a brew of his specially created
coffee. . .

It is delicious. But coffee’s not the only thing Jamie has to offer. As I said, he’s
a friendly fellow, and will offer hugs to any takers. I resisted the urge the first time
but now I know that I was mistaken.

The love special care and attention that goes into each aspect of one of hundreds
of NYC coffee shops makes it stand out from the rest. From the individual-drip
mugs that are worked on by order to the real cappucinnos that are prepared with
great care, Abrazo is probably one of my new favorites.

Oh and the best part is the cozy setting of the shop. With wide-open windows
reminiscent of an unattainable apartment in Tuscany, they invite conversation. Many patrons drink the coffee “for there” even if they’re in a rush. Either on the
bench outside or just standing right in front of the shop. It’s such a simple pleasure that you will find yourself indulging often.

It’s located on 86 East 7th street, between 1st and 2nd avenues (closer to 1st).

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