Sleepytime for Cabby

Since the 4,5,6 stopped got all screwed up during rush hour, I was forced to take a $25 cab ride from the UES to the Zipper Factory in Midtown to see Margaret Cho’s variety show, The Sensuous Woman. Which by the way, was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I will now fondly refer to myself as Queer because I too want boys and girls to LOVE me. Why the hell not!

Anyway…………… back to my cab story.

Like I said, the 4,5,6 were having issues so I hopped in a cab. There was actually a point in the VERY slow moving ride where I thought I should put my seatbelt on. This guy was so bangry (bitter and angry) that he kept pounding his fists on the steering wheel, bitched about how the traffic was screwing him over (only 3 fares in 2 hours) and was driving WAY too close to the cars ahead of us. Then all of a sudden – “BAM!!!” – he smacked into the cab in front of us.

I really didn’t know exactly what happened until he turned around and started to laugh while he told me that he fell asleep. Yeah, that’s HYSTERICAL.
Not really knowing what to say, I asked him if he wanted me to take over.
Funny how he didn’t find that amusing. I did!

You know things have gotten bad when your driver readily admits that he fell asleep behind the wheel!
Something to be proud of. Idiot.

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  1. Lamtep (unregistered) on October 26th, 2007 @ 11:48 am

    This is yet another assault on the Taxi user. We, New Yorkers need to start voicing our opinions with regards to the Taxi service and adjust accordingly the "tip system".
    Did you tip your sleeping fellow driver?
    On a similar subject, when cabbies go on strike because they do not want to provide a service for the convenience of the passenger, "The Credit Cards", even going on strike over it, I have decided to go on "tip strike" with all those cabbies that do not offer the Credit Card convenience,
    I am not tipping on any ride that I am not provided with this convenience, even if I don’t use it. If all New Yorkers would follow the same practice, we might make a difference on the service we receive.

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