A chocolatey resurrection.


Chocolate Jesus is back! I’m psyched, since I didn’t get to see him in all his chocolatey glory when he hung in the window of the Lab Gallery last spring. He’s returning as part of a show at the Proposition Gallery in Chelsea, which will also feature chocolate sculptures of Catholic saints.

I see nothing offensive or controversial about this, and can’t, for the life of me, understand the uproar. Chocolate is simply being used as a sculpting medium, much like stone or marble. Big deal. I mean, don’t Catholics believe that Jesus is made out of bread or something? Chocolate is way more appealing than bread. Christ.

All I know is, our chocolate messiah better be well protected, or else I may not be able to control myself from taking a big old bite of that big old “body of Christ.”


[image: “My Sweet Lord,” by Cosimo Cavallaro, from here.]

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