Car services can suck it

Today I had a really fucking awesome day. It started in sunny Florida as I headed to the airport for a 12:30 flight to La Guardia. After checking in and heading through security at about 11, I found that the flight was a little delayed. They boarded us around 1:30, and then deplaned us an hour later because of air traffic control delays here in NYC. I get it – it was raining all day. It happens. I occupied myself by listening to my fellow passengers’ theories on how the airlines are all in a conspiracy to make us late for stuff. We finally took off around 6 PM and arrived at La Guardia at 8:20 or so.

I had a reservation with the LimoRes car service (formerly Crown Limo) since I was traveling for business. The normal procedure is to call them when you arrive at the airport and they’ll dispatch your assigned car to you. I called, and they told me they couldn’t get a car to me for about 20-30 minutes, because they were delayed overall due to the rain. I’ve dealt with them before during a snowstorm – they told me it would be 30 minutes twice and then finally told me they couldn’t tell me when the car would be there and I should seek alternate transportation. I figured that would be the case again and called my trusty fiance to come get me – but didn’t cancel the car just yet. I called them again 40 minutes after my first call and, sure enough, they told me they couldn’t have a car to me for another 30 minutes. I’m glad I had a backup plan, but I need to look into some alternate options since I travel a lot.

First, a tip – the taxi line outside Terminal B arrivals, on the American end (near concourse D) had about 100 people in it and maybe 4 or 5 taxis showing up every 10 minutes or so. The one around the corner past the end of the terminal had maybe 20 people in it and a friggin’ huge line of taxis waiting to pick people up. I’ve seen this before but forgot this time. Duly noted.

Second, a question – can you recommend a car service that doesn’t suck? LimoRes is fine most of the time, but they’ve had billing errors and scheduling problems before, and I’ve used Dial 7 and Carmel and both of them are kinda dickish too. Any experiences? Or do you find that buses from La Guardia work best? Tell me what works best for you!

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  1. jeof (unregistered) on October 12th, 2007 @ 10:31 am

    They all suck and all play the same dirty billing tricks especially when picking up from airports. For Queens/Roosevelt Island I’ve had the best luck with Olympic – a tiny one that "specializes" in servicing RI but can be a real pain when coming from LGA. Dial7/Tel Aviv I’ve actually had pretty good luck with. Carmel is gross. Intaboro and UTOG are generally okay for corporate accounts though they can NEVER find my building.

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