Baseball rivalry!

As many may know, the Mets went from being first in the NL East to completely missing the cut for the playoffs. As the NY Daily News (who are known for their succinct and sometimes kind of insane cover headlines) put it, they went FROM CHAMPS TO CHUMPS!!!!!!!11!!1! I’m sorry, Mets fans. Better luck next year!

Very Sheeny!But now, the Yankees are in the playoffs after making the AL wildcard. Tonight is the first game in their series with the Indians, and right now Cleveland is beating the everloving monkeyshit out of them. I am a Yankees fan, born and raised, but I have to admit that I kind of like the Indians, because they are the focus of my favorite baseball movie of all time, Major League. It came at a time when male leads had mullets, Wesley Snipes was still a relative unkown and fairly un-steroidy-looking, and Charlie Sheen was at his Sheeniest.

But of course, the big rivalry in the AL is the one between the Red Sox and the Yankees. As they’re both in the playoffs right now, they may end up facing each other for the AL championship once again, and I will get to hear a whole earful from my friends that are Red Sox fans as they yell about the Yankees’ high payroll and facial hair policies. I don’t really care to argue about it – I just like the game – but I sure do like to see Sox fans get all riled up and red-faced when I tell them I’m a Yankees fan. People get awfully passionate about this stuff!

Who are you rooting for?

image courtesy The Onion

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