Bridge Collapse in MN is Scary to Us

Yesterday a 40-year-old bridge in the Minneapolis area collapsed during rush hour. You had to be sleeping from yesterday afternoon until now, to not know about this. Please join me in prayer for those people and their families who died or were injured in this tragedy.

I know you can’t live life worrying about these things. But nevertheless, it can’t stop you from thinking about our bridges and tunnels in NYC. I heard that there are 39 bridges in NYC, and I count two tunnels within NYC, and two going out from Manhattan to New Jersey. So going over bridges or through tunnels is an unavoidable reality, especially for Manhattanites, who have to over or under water every time they leave or enter Manhattan, Those who feel they avoid the outer boroughs, have to think of all the times they go to/through N.Jersey, or out to the Hamptons. There are people who live in Queens and only go to Long Island, Sadly, I know some of these people. But for the other 90+percent of us, the bridges and tunnels we use are way more than 40 years old. So we continue to put our faith in the MTA and TBTA to regularly inspect and maintain our river crossings.

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  1. Greg (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 10:20 am

    Good point! I was in NYC on Monday and probably crossed 6 bridges in one day. Wanted you to know writers at Metroblogging Minneapolis have been liveblogging event details.

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