Ads, ads, ads

This morning I arrived at JFK after taking a redeye from L.A. Shockingly, I managed to get some sleep on the flight and didn’t feel too horribly exhausted. However, first thing in the morning, there is one thing I do not want to be bombarded with: advertising. Particularly loud Microsoft advertising.

In terminal 9 at JFK, between the check-in/baggage claim area and the gates, you go down a big escalator, through an underground hallway, and then back up another escalator. Sounds inefficient, but it’s because the hallway goes under an active taxiway and was the easiest way to do things. Anyway, of course that space couldn’t go on being all blank, colorless, and ad-free. At first it was just a series of poster ads. Innocuous enough. I’m already used to all the jetways being lined with HSBC ads telling me how much they love individuality. But then, the hallway of advertising got worse – they put in big flat-screen monitors in the walls and started the bombardment of blindingly bright ads, with sound, first for Vista and now for Office 2007. All well and good. I know Microsoft has to make a living just like everybody else. But Jesus H. Christmas Crap, I do not want the Office 2007 theme song blaring at top volume at me as big shiny monitors blare images into my brain at 6 a.m. That shit just makes me want to install Linux on every machine I can get my hands on.

After we left the airport, I noticed that there is now a giant hand holding up a giant Samsung phone at the entrance to JFK. I’m used to billboards, taxi ads, and commercials, but it seems advertising is just getting more and more in-your-face. At this point I’d rather just have good old-fashioned obvious product placement in my TV shows and movies. You know, maybe Bruce Willis could take a break from fighting bad guys to grab a sip of Duff Beer, or something.

What annoying advertising have you noticed around the city lately?

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