Baby Cuz I’m a Thug

When iPod buds became the most prominent accessory as opposed to ghetto blasters, I knew that a huge change had come to the subway experience. People would envy iPod white buds in the ears; they’d rob you of them or just give you a dirty look. Now they’re as common as the giant rats that infest each station of the NYC subway.

So when I saw a dude walking down the street not with a Ghetto blaster but what looked like a ghetto blaster’s gentrified, more tinsel sounding baby stereo, I couldn’t help but notice and laugh. I didn’t laugh out loud, I laughed on the inside and wondered if the white buds of today which are so hip and cool will be the laughing stock of tomorrow.

And even if the ghetto blaster was of an acceptable size, it was extremely cold out today to be carrying one around. It just goes to show you, not everyone is a part of the cool machine! I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s definitely a New York City thing.

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