I say Tomato, You Say Faggy

I just don’t get it.
Faggy, fag, faggoty, etc. does NOT mean dorky or stupid unless you’re meaning the connotation that anything gay or homosexual is dorky or up for ridicule.
Just as you don’t toss around ethnic slurs and say, “Oh, I only meant that calling out sick to do your laundry is stupid”, so you cannot call it faggy and expect anything less than to be called homophobic.
However, some idiot radio DJs (imagine that; there’s an idiot radio DJ left in the world! Take note, Michael Savage) think that faggy just means dorky and not, say, a derogatory word for homosexual, ESPECIALLY when leveled at a guy who has admitted his proclivity for other guys.
This JD of JD & Elvis ought to have his ass beaten by a pack of tweaked-out West Village pansies. Then maybe he’d learn to shut his damned offensive honky mouth.
Oh, and by honky, I just mean dorky.

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