NYC is Busta Free

busta-rhymes.jpgI guess being a life-long bonehead does have its consequences, as Busta Rhymes found out yesterday. The rapper and “entertainer,” born Trevor Smith, has been banned from participating in a movie within city limits. The reason given was vague, saying that the rapper posed a “security concern.” Order of Redemption, also starring Tom Berenger, has a 14 day permit to film here in the city, but they will have to make alternate plans now, as it appears that Smith was a main character.

Smith has a history of run-ins with the law, and specifically, NYPD, including his refusal to cooperate with a probe into the February 2006 slaying of Israel Ramirez. As a result, no arrests were made in the shooting outside a Brooklyn recording studio. Additionally, Smith has been accused of driving with a suspended license, beating his former driver in a dispute over money, and talking on a cell phone while driving.

From a personal standpoint, I cannot say if the concern is genuine and legitimate, but I can say that if the police have indeed trumped up a reason to give the rapper a hard time, good for the cops. This guy is a menace, and if they can’t stop him via convictions (due largely to the inherent flaws in the legal system), then I am all for them doing what they can to punish his livelihood. They are certainly within their rights and within the boundaries of legality, so I say they should make him suffer as much as is possible and legal.

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