Somebody didn’t pay the electric bill…

Perhaps I am the most over observant New Yorker that is awake at 1245 am with nothing better to do than stare out the window, and perhaps this is the most pointless blog ever. But I still feel the need to ask if my tired eyes are playing tricks on me, or if i’m still at least partially sane after 6 hours of class and 8 hours of homework. Anybody that can see the Chrysler Building tonight, or at least the south side of it, look at the middle row of lights on the spire. Is it just me or are they really dim tonight? I’ve never noticed this before, so I’m thinking somebody needs to get up there and change those lights.

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  1. Dhaval M. (unregistered) on February 26th, 2007 @ 12:44 pm

    I love that view and I want it. Find me a good apartment to have that view with and I’ll participate in your post-midnight craziness.

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