Apocalypse Now: Homo Edition


Just how many more signs do we need for everyone to acknowledge the Apocalypse is coming?
Anna Nicole dies. Tim Hardaway surprises no one by revealing the NBA’s not-so-latent homophobia. Britney goes apeshit and shaves her head, then buys a really crappy wig. Lieberman votes with Republicans. Again. New Jersey allows gay civil unions.
Is the earth cracking yet?
Oooook. Howzabout: The Freedom Tower’s finally going to built. Maybe. Or possibly. With budget cuts. Cheney’s still Evil (with a capital E).
Oh, wait. That’s pretty much par for the course.

Those civil unions…funny that our little neighbor, Jersey, would be the one to enact them while the New York Court of Appeals rebuked it and said the legislature would have to decide without their being any explicit denial of equal rights involved in not having some form of union recognition. All the blithering by the radical fundamentalists in this country about the destruction of society as we know it…and Massachusetts has yet to be destroyed by God and sink into the Atlantic. Vermont’s doin’ just fine. Connecticut? Half the people in this country probably aren’t even aware they offer civil unions.
And the world keeps turning. Here’s hoping Spitzer makes good on a campaign promise to introduce equality legislation in the Empire State by day 365.

[photo from Ackland.org]

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