Irritating Things

I was around town today, and a few things struck me as odd, or at least frustrating enough to write about:

RoboCop_portrait.jpgI woke up with a stiff neck, and not the kind where you can turn, but it is painful. This was the kind where you have to keep your head straight the whole day or suffer whole-heartedly. Unfortunately, I had a crapload of errands to run today, and each happened to be far from the last. That made it worse. I started to get a real headache as the day went on. It was particularly frustrating when someone I knew called my name from behind me, and I had to slowly turn my whole body to see who it was, like I was some sort of retarded cyborg. It turned out to be someone who didn’t even matter.

I saw Smokin’ Aces today. If you are planning to see it, don’t. The movies sucked. It seemed to be a total ripoff of The Departed, which was awesome. It had lots of characters, all going toward the same point, with plenty of twists, turns, and surprises. But Aces did nothing to develop the characters or make you appreciate them, or to set the motives of each, so when there was a twist, nobody saw it as a surprise. It did have Jeremy Piven, so at least there was some good.
Don’t you hate it when you get out of the subway, go to walk up the stairs, and a guy or girl in the front of the line slows up to light a cigarette? I understand the addiction has you by the balls, but maybe you should get out of harms way and get to the top of the stairs, and let the rest of the city pass you first.
Similar but worse is when you are trying to make a train and you see it is at the station as you approach the steps to the platform. You start running down, but get stuck behind a slow walker and you can’t get around them. It isn’t quite so bad if it happens to be an older person or someone who is unable to go fast. But inevitably, it is an able-bodied asshole with a huge shopping bag and a massive piece of luggage who just doesn’t have the presence of mind or the consideration to realize that people are rushing behind him. So, you miss your train. Life is unfair.
I am also noticing a growing faction of weaving walkers. The Webster definition of this is people who walk down the sidewalk, weaving from the left to the right, and then back. I once worked with a weaving walker named Helen. I actually had to have a sit-down with her and discuss how the weaving hurt me, almost like an intervention. I wish I could say I am kidding about this.

My neck hurts. I’m going to take a nap.

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