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I played tourist again yesterday afternoon, but in an awesome way. I went to see a taping of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I have been trying to get tickets to see him for years now, every time I would visit New York. Finally I managed to get tickets a month in advance for this show.

I got to 30 Rockefeller Center around 330pm, got checked in, and had to wander around aimlessly until 415 when they said to meet back up. It didn’t look like there were very many people there to see the show. Until 415. They had two seperate neverending lines. I’ve been to a taping of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, which was FAR less organized than this. They were complete Nazi’s with their rules (understandable) and completely organized with metal detectors and everything.

We got in the studio which was surprisingly small compared to what it looks like on tv. Now I can see why Conan always makes the low budget NBC jokes on air. There were about three sections of seats that could fit about 7 people across in each section in the crowd. And that was the width of the entire stage. The curtain area where Conan comes out, the area that the Max Weinberg 7 plays, and the entire desk/chair interview area. The Max Weinberg 7 was seriously cramped up in a small little corner, but on tv they look like they have so much room! It was neat though nonetheless.

After watching some tvs with constant hilarious footage of previous shows, some guy came out and started the comedy. Then Conan came out for a few words. He’s hilarious. His hair had some extra poof in it too. He came up into the audience a bit and joked around.

Charlize Theron, Bill Hader (SNL), and Stars of Track and Field (from Portland Oregon) were on the show. It was pretty sweet watching it live. Charlize Theron is tall as hell! I’m only 5’2″ so I seriously feel like a midget around tall people, but her and Conan standing up was ridiculous. I think the distance from her ankle to her knee was pretty much equivalent to my entire leg. Bill Hader was pretty hilarious with his impressions. And the Stars of Track and Field were pretty good as well.

But I think the most unexpected awesome moment was at the very end after the cameras shut off. The Max Weinberg 7 were playing their outro music, when this lady threw Conan a mic and he started singing. HE CAN SING GOOD!! I guess they do that after every show, but wow I was seriously surprised at his voice. It sounded so good! It deffinitely was a perfect ending to the show.

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  1. Karen (unregistered) on February 8th, 2007 @ 11:57 pm

    Awesome, im so jealous of you!!! Glad you had a good time tho!

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