Irresponsible Politics

031219_WhoSpitzer2_vl.widec.jpgMaybe this is just me, but aren’t politicians supposed to be promoting fiscal responsibility and donations? According to this NY Post article, the total cost of Elliot Spitzer’s inaugural party in Albany was $1.5 Million dollars. This included over $400,000 in “production and technical costs” (who is he, Pink Floyd?), upwards of $150,000 for travel expenses (How about you rent a few party vans for $400, Mr. Governor), and nearly $600,000 went toward building a stage and renting a few offices (which apparently were made of platinum).

The whole thing seems a bit ridiculous to me. I mean, the guy’s wife is the founder of a non-profit charity! Wouldn’t those million and a half dollars have been better utilized as a charitable donation, or in a trust for the state? Maybe there is some regulation that won’t let him use it that way, but I feel that spending so lavishly on a self-congratulatory celebration is irresponsible.

[Image Courtesy MSNBC]

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