Three-Day Weekend Realizations

250px-CS-cosby-cast.jpgOver the three-day weekend, I took some time to ponder a number of things that struck me as odd. Here they are:
You can make fun of The Cosby Show and their cheesy messages all you want, but know this: 15 years after it wrapped, it is on about 500 times throughout the day on various channels. Pretty impressive. I always like to tune in to see Theo’s shirts.
What is with bars no longer having names. It seems that inevitably where there once stood your favorite bar or lounge now stands a portentious dark space with no sign, a massive mountain of a bouncer with no neck, and a staggering line to get in. When you finally do make it inside and ask the bartender the name, he will say it is something like “Nine.” What is the deal here? It is obviously an attempt to make the place seem more exclusive, but when so many bars are already going that route, doesn’t it seem a bit pointless. I hope that eventually, the trend will reverse itself (as trends usually do) and the “exclusive” and “hot” new place will just be called “Jim’s.”
Just for fun: try to count the number of guys you see at any Murray Hill bar with overly jelled hair, wearing dark jeans, no undershirt, and a vertical striped button-down shirt. I guarantee you will hit triple-digits. Just for fun, call out the names Adam or David to see how many turn around. If you break 50%, you win. I rarely lose.

Is it just me or does the line at Trader Joe’s in Union Square grow each time you go in. And don’t give me that “it moves quickly” shit… If it is more than 100 people, there is no way it moves quick enough for me.
I saw Rachael Ray in Union Square on Monday. I was unimpressed.
I was forced to watch a few minutes of “The Golden Globes” last night. I wanted to kill myself. Can there be a more diluted and vain group of people on the planet than TV/Movie celebrities? The industry actually has an “Award Season” where they have a series of self-congratulatory fancy dinners and award shows, some where THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CHOSE WHO WINS! The fact that they fool people into thinking it is newsworthy is the real trick.
My roommate recently pointed out to me that the funniest/cheesiest plot that almost every 80s or 90s TV show employed at some point was the Christmas episode where one of the kids felt unneeded, and then they fell asleep and an angel came to them to show what Christmas would be like without them. Everyone was always sad, and the whole thing seemed incomplete. Then, the kid would wake up and hug everyone in the family and make idiotic statements that pertained to her dream but made no sense to the other characters, and they would just say something like “I think somebody had a few too many candy canes!” That never happened to me. I feel a bit gypped.
For a city that is known to have so much to do, it sure seems futile to figure out a plan of action when it rains out.
There comes a time in the night when, no matter what is going on, I just want to go home and go to bed… There could be an incredible party a few blocks away for models and porn stars (the girls) only, with unlimited alcohol and no cover, and Bono is singing karaoke there, and I will just say no because I am too tired. That time seems to be getting earlier and earlier as I get older.

And, it is time to go back to work, which sucks. I wish I had a more graceful way to end this post…

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  1. Shannon (unregistered) on January 16th, 2007 @ 10:58 am

    Rachel Ray is overrated like no other TV personality. If you want to admire her jump from foodTV motormouth to media empire motormouth, fine. Go ahead. But never before has there been a woman who was more suited to a one-woman show than she, if for no other reason than that she can’t shut the fuck up. Have you seen her talk show? It’s like her talking incessantly with a different person next to her every day. No one else gets to say anything. She may as well say to each guest, “Thanks for coming and standing here while I preach to the masses about whatever it is you do.” And that voice. Ugh. I hope she shimmy-shakes her annoying ass off the air.

  2. Eric (unregistered) on January 16th, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

    I’m with you on that last one. I am already soaking my dentures and gumming my jello for the evening by 5:30. People call me to go out with them and I swear I fall into a hacking cough and start spouting off words like “whippersnapper” and catchphrases like, “in my day, we went to bed when the sun went down!”

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