Enough about the holidays already!

I’ve undergone a longtime unexpected loss of the internet over this dreadful holiday season. I’m back though, and this time for good. Due to this lack of internet, and the fact that I was in the hospital with severe tonsillitis, this “New Years” update is a tad bit late, and probably not too interesting anymore really. But here goes anyways.

I pulled a repeat of last year, and did the unthinkable. I cannot even be considered a New Yorker for this little stunt. But Toledo was not happening whatsoever, so I made the 10 hour drive back to the city to spend new years in… TIMES SQUARE!!

The whole adventure started off with my 15 hour train ride back to toledo December 21st. That’s right, 15 hours. I was apparently on the ghetto amtrak because the seats didn’t decline more than a shitty aircraft, and my legs were too short to reach the leg rest in front of me. There were about 7 or 8 little children that didn’t know the meaning of their own lives apparently because they sure as hell had a great time yelling and whining and kicking my chair. And they were on the train all the way until Cleveland Ohio. Then the even more cliche fat girl boarded my train. She just HAD to sit right next to me (note- if you’ve never been on one of these outdated Amtrak trains- there are no arm rests in the middle.) So this girl was watching my movies on my laptop that I was watching, and giggling and shaking, which is fine I’m glad I could entertain her. Then I shut my computer to go get some food and she asked to use my computer cord to charger her comp since we had the same computer… so I told her yeah?? I came back and she was trying to sleep. Once she fell asleep she made herself at home. Completely interfering with my side of the seat and her right asscheek engulfing my left knee. Yeah. It was real nice. She got off in Cleveland and I had the remaining couple of hours all to myself. Granted it was like 3am and I hadn’t slept in about 48 hours, I was doing alright though. Except this was day 1 of sore throat.

So yeah, Christmas and all that jazz was alright. The usual. My whole family was sick, I was tired from being out about 23 hours a day seeing every friend I possibly could while I was in town. The Wednesday before new years I was out at a bar with a bunch of friends, and my great friend Jack Daniels took control of me. After dancing like an idiot after many more 1 dollar beers, we decided it would be a great idea to head back to the city for new years. So we woke up the next day, and I figured that it was all drunk talk but my boyfriend was totally into it still, even though he was starting to get sick. So Friday we left town and headed back to my apartment. Come new years eve, we were both sick. We were trying to fight it, and we both went down to Times Square, exhausted. I had done this last year when I wasn’t living here yet with my now ex boyfriend, because I had always wanted to experience that at least once in my life. This year it was just crowded annoyance for the most part. That 1 minute countdown was pretty cool, but you can bet the 1 hour of trying to get onto 7th ave and then the 3 hours of waiting was kinda lame. All in all I had a great time though, we immediately went to an irish pub afterwards, then ate in the McDonalds in Times Square (another gross drunk decision).

Yeah ever since then I was mildly ill, and it hit me really hard this past Thursday night/ Friday morning. I had tonsillitis complete with a huge golf ball sized swollen lump in my neck. It was awful. But this is disgustingly long, so I’m going to finally end this. I haven’t written in so long I just wanted to say everything! That is all though, it’s back to school tomorrow, in about 8 hours actually. It’s good to be back in my apartment in the city.

p.s. that pic above is not mine, I googled it and I’m not exactualy sure where it came from.. but I’m pretty sure it was allposters.com. Just a disclaimer, ya know.

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