New York New Year Resolutions: Part 1, Learn


Happy 2007, everyone! Now that the holidays and partying are over, it’s time for those new year resolutions.

Usually I don’t believe in these January 1 promises – why wait till a certain time to make changes in your life – but I do like goals I can check off one by one, and the ones I came up with happen to fall into these three categories which, gee, happen to rhyme: Learn, Splurge, and Purge.

First up, Learn. . .

. . .about medieval art.
Despite going to school in the area, I’ve never been to the Cloisters. According to the website, it’s the “branch of the Metropolitan Museum devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe,” featuring “sculpture, tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, goldsmiths’ and silversmiths’ work, stained glass, enamels, ivories, and more.”

Also, the buildings themselves were “assembled from architectural elements, both domestic and religious, that date from the 12th through the 15th centuries.” Can’t get any cooler than that.

. . .about contemporary sculpture.
Years ago I saw a film on Isamu Noguchi, the Japanese American sculptor, and ever since I’ve wanted to visit the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City. In addition to works from Noguchi, there are special exhibitions from other artists, sculptors, and architects as well.

. . .about nature.
The summer before last I thought about volunteering for Central Park’s tree counting census but flaked out. That doesn’t mean I’m not still interested in learning about flora and fauna, and what better way than to visit the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Just a hop, skip, and jump on Metro-North from Grand Central and a nice away to get out of town for the day.

. . .to speak in public without throwing up.
Okay, so this next one is just a maybe goal. I’ve always wanted to learn how to get over my fear of public speaking, and plus I think I’m a somewhat funny gal, funnier at least than some of the people I’ve seen perform in clubs around town.

Classes at the Manhattan Comedy School cost $379 for six weeks. Graduation is a performance at Caroline’s on Broadway. I’ve heard after the class, you’re more aritculate and able to think more quickly on your feet, and that’s no joke.

. . .to dance.
Speaking of feet, while I can shake my booty just fine on the dance floor, my shoes tend to not leave the ground. Taking a hiphop dance class at the Broadway Dance Center is another “always-wanted-to.” There’s an 8-week “Absolute Beginning” workshop each season.

Whew! Now that I’m all learned out, it’s time to treat myself. Next up for 2007: Splurge.

[Photo courtesy of KineVideo Vintage Television Programming.]

2 Comments so far

  1. Laiya (unregistered) on January 1st, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

    Hi Doris,
    Laiya here from the Montreal metblog. I always love reading your posts and I do think that you are quite funny! I just got back from NYC and I too have always wanted to visit the Cloisters at the Met but never get a chance. So hopefully you will and we’ll hear your account of it.
    Cheers and Happy New York New Year! :o)

  2. angela (aka doris) (unregistered) on January 2nd, 2007 @ 8:53 am

    aww, thanks laiya! i will most likely write about the cloisters since i always need material for posts.

    happy new year to you, too.

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