I’m a Scrooge this year.

Ahhh yes finals week. The week(s) that every college student looks forward to all semester (note the EXTREME sarcasm). This semester, finals have held me captive in my apartment for days on end. Literally, going to class today was the first time I have left my apartment since Thursday. Needless to say I’ve been feeling a bit claustrophobic, and I became pretty sure that I was about to snap and go postal on the kids in the printing labs at school. My internet isn’t working (again) so I’m stealing from the neighbors wireless for a bit until the signal fades. I have just one little rant about this already extremely pricey institution in which I attend: I spent over $70 printing rough drafts of my final projects. And they all have to be reprinted. On top of that, I have a 40some page book I am in the process of making, which I’m sure will cost a pretty penny. I’m glad that all of my food money is going towards homework this month. And I don’t believe that anyone will be receiving any Christmas presents from me this year…

I hope everybody is having fun in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season out there in the city. Maybe I’ll venture out next weekend.

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  1. Reid Beels (unregistered) on December 11th, 2006 @ 11:03 pm

    I hear you on the printing costs, having to pay for all of my prints at Pratt was a shock (coming from a school where we had unlimited use of a color laser for proofing). Bah.

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