More about the best bathrooms

I’ll follow Dhaval into the bathroom and just mention that besides the fabulous dinner and lemon-lime mojito that I had at Peep, 177 Prince St, in SoHo, I also enjoyed the bathroom very much. It’s up there in my favorite bathrooms of all time.

It was like being a perverted Roman emperor.

Me and my two friends were sitting right outside the bathroom and were being complete asses, making faces at the mirrored wall after people went in and pretending to take photos. I blame the mojito.

But then I was imagining the possible future death of civilization and how unlikely it is that in my lifetime I will remain so lucky as to live in such luxury as I do, and in the horrible post-apocalyptic future where we all have to dress in rags and eat rats and live underground to avoid the bionic alien invaders, I’ll look back at this moment and sigh with gratitude that I savored this particular moment in a warm restaurant echoing with reflections, music, laughter, friendship, as I devoured fancy tom yum and spring rolls with plum sauce and giggled at the people in the bathroom. My friend “qp” remarked the best, or worst, part about the bathroom was realizing that behind you, there was another mirror, and wondering who was looking through its one-way glass.

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