J – E – T – S– JETS JETS JETS!!!

Helmet%20Logo.gifIn typical NY media style, all of the local news outlets are totally overblowing the Jets and their chances this year… As with every year, the Jets get to one game over .500 and all of the sudden, “They’re for real” and the local media thinks of all types of ridiculous puns to use as headlines on the sports page.

But what the paper forgets to mention is that while the Jets beat the rival Patriots this weekend, they did so out of pure luck. A shoddy field killed a bunch of Pats plays, and the conditions made for a horrible day for the defending AFC champions, but the Patriots are still the team to beat. One win does not a champion make. A few other things that are completely ignored in these excited reports:

Assuming the Patriots win the division, which is likely, the Jets would have some stiff competition for a wildcard spot, with Jacksonville, Denver or San Diego (whichever doesn’t win the AFC West), and Kansas City, all proven winners with more veteran players at their core.
Forgetting about the Bears game this weekend, they still have some VERY tough matchups down the stretch, three of which are away against teams that don’t lose a lot at home (Green Bay, Minnesota, Miami), and two of which are tough divisional matchups (Miami and Buffalo).
Miami, Oakland, and Houston are all resurgent and are insistent on “circling the wagons” and ruining other teams playoff hopes. I bet the Jets get caught looking past one or more of these games.

I am not saying that people should not be excited, and I am not even predicting that the Jets definitely won’t make the playoffs, but the NY media has a habit of over-inflating successes. Let’s keep it in perspective. This is not a deep playoff team… Not yet, at least. The next few years may be great, but let’s not fit the players for Super Bowl rings just yet. Keep it in perspective! They are one game over .500!

Photo courtesy of Jetscap.com

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