Deborah Adler at SVA

In case you’re unaware, I attend the School of Visual Arts for advertising. It’s a fantastic school, with fantastic opportunities within. There’s always guest speakers, such as James Victore, Matt Dilon, etc. Today in my visual literacy class we had a guest speaker, Deborah Adler. The name may not sound familiar, but if you’ve seen the new Target prescription bottles that were launched in May 2005, she was the designer who created them. The whole concept behind creating these bottles was pretty amazing to me, so I thought I’d share.

One day Deborah’s grandmother accidentally took her husbands medicine instead of her own, which made her a little sick. When Deborah went over there and looked in her medicine cabinet she saw all of the amber colored bottles with the confusing information on them and understood why this happened. So for her senior project at SVA she created these new pill bottles, redesigned all of the caution labels, and everything. I think a year or two after she graduated she contacted Target because she knew Target would be the most likely national pharmacy to take the chance- since Target is known for their excellent designs in almost everything else they carry. And of course they took her under their wing. They changed around the bottle a bit, and I think she said within like 8 months the new bottle was introduced to the public. The bottle has been in several magazines like TIME, stating it’s one of the best inventions of 2005.

Being a student at the same school, I found this highly inspiring. It’s great to see that someone can come up with an idea and push it so far as to become a nationwide item. So congrats to her, and hopefully I’ll have a story like this to share with you in a few years!

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