Purse & Peanut Butter Thieves

So when I moved to New York a month and a half ago, everyone was constantly telling me “WATCH YOUR STUFF, HOLD ON TO YOUR PURSE” and things of the sort. Well it finally happened, my purse was stolen Saturday night. BUT NOT IN NEW YORK! I flew home to Toledo Ohio for the weekend to go to a party, and I am now quite convinced that Toledo is more dangerous than NYC.

I never set my purse down. But the cheap strap on my purse broke, and after many many drinks, I was sick of carrying the thing around. I was dancing on stage so I set it down on the stage right by me. When it was time to leave, it was gone. That instantly sobered me up, except I was probably the most angry drunk in the entire world. I lost almost $1500 worth of stuff between my PDA cell phone, camera, memory card, makeup, cash, etc. I’m just grateful that they didn’t use my debit card before I had it shut off, and my soc # wasn’t on my drivers license. But then I had the issue of boarding the plane without a government issued ID. I showed them like 4 credit cards and my school ID, which they didnt even really look at they just said YEAH OKAY GO AHEAD. real tight airport security you know?

But another thing I thought you all might like to know about the security at our airports. I forgot I had a spray can of pepper spray in my bag. It made it on both flights in my carryon luggage, even after they hand checked my bags. But they DID however take my jar of peanut butter away from me. It’s still my personal belief that the lady forgot to buy her kids food for lunch and she needed some peanut butter…

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  1. Noah (unregistered) on October 9th, 2006 @ 2:18 pm

    That sucks about your pocket book! We’ve all been there (although mine was a wallet, as I don’t own a pocket book).

    That is amazing that they let you on with the pepper spray! I keep a small swiss army knife on my keys, and I ALWAYS forget to take it off when I travel, so they confiscate it. It is the smallest knife ever. Unless they think I am going to whitte my tray table into some sort of spearing device, I can’t imagine the danger. But, better safe than sorry, I guess.

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