The “Summer Isn’t Over Yet” Redux is one of those “I’m ashamed to admit it, but…” moments: until today I have never visited Coney Island (hanging head in shame). It was on my to do list of biking destinations for the summer. The weather was nice enough today, so I decided to take advantage.

I meant to bike over the Manhattan Bridge but did the Williamsburg instead. As I was biking over I kept on saying to myself: “This doesn’t look like the Manhattan Bridge.” And when I got to the other side I kept on wondering where Jay Street is. Dumb! So I scooted around the Hasidic section of Williamsburg, went down through Prospect Park and took Ocean Parkway all the way down to the ocean. Thank gods for my trusty NYC bike map.

Going down that route one gets the impression that the only people living in all of Brooklyn are Hasidic Jews — until you hit Coney Island and feel like you are in Novgorod or somewhere else beachy in Russia.

I found it exceedingly amusing that on the boardwalk they have a signpost “Ocean Parkway” pointing right at the ocean as if some virtual road continues on its merry way (see photo). Didn’t know bureaucrats had a sense of humor. would anyone believe a sight like this exists right in the City? I sat with my feet up on the boardwalk and just soaked in the sun and beautiful ocean breeze, watching the sailboats and the children playing in the sand. Who says you have to visit the beach in the summer?

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