not an appetizing snack

i went for a walk around 10pm tonight because really, i had nothing better to do. i had spent the day shopping in soho, and came back pretty much empty handed. so i went down to madison square park. i bought a small shake at the shake shack, which pretty much spent the only $5 i had on me. i felt like the biggest loner possible, everyone else was in groups and here i sat alone on a bench drinking a shake. but i guess i really wasn’t THAT alone…

a rat crawled out of the garbage and onto the edge of the bench i was sitting on. so i decided to just take a stroll down 23rd. a bum approached me and rambled on about how someone stole the door to his house and he just needs some change to get a new door… pretty uneventful night, but that was a damn good shake.

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  1. Reid Beels (unregistered) on September 1st, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

    Huh. Kinda sounds familiar. I just moved here and spent my last $5 on the only food that was still open and likewise sat on a bench watching the groups go by.

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