Cidade de Deus (City of God)

I just got back yesterday from a ten day trip to Brazil. Even I’m jealous of myself. Marked by both beautiful insanity and ethereal calm, Brazil is a dream with toyland babes and boomerang beaches. Fucking gorgeous. Last time I went it was on some tourist shit (ten American guys in logo t-shirts), but now I have a friend down there so it was a completely different and far greater experience. I’ll share some tales and pics soon enough. I landed at JFK yesterday and came straight into work. My fault. I miscalculated the time difference. Regardless, unbeknownst to I, while I was away my coworkers had an office pool going regarding me and my trip. Below are the following bets where the dollar-action was taken (ED: This is not a joke by the way. I saw the sheet):

1) Michael will not come back.
2) Michael comes back, but with Brazilian bride.
3) Michael will fall in love and cease to talk about anything else.
4) Michael will ask for “long lunch” to go to free clinic his first day back.
4) Michael will get arrested for something both alcohol and female related.
5) Michael will quit first day back.
6) Michael (unfortunately) dies.

The biggest action was apparently on numbers 2, 3 and 4. But as nothing of the sort happened (didn’t even get a kiss) I’m apparently a disappointment to many. The closest to happening was number 6 coming very close to death rock climbing en route to a nude beach. Which totally should have been on the list.

PS: Everybody Netflix Cidade Baixa.

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