Subway Spotting

The on-train meet-up is always kind of iffy; you’ve got to time it right, coordinate your location and hope the train is not so crowded that you actually can find each other. But at the end of 8th grade, I fortuitously met up with all six of my Upper West Side gang members on the M7 on the way to an end of term party, so I’ll throw my trust to the MTA anyday. But I digress.

Headed down to something cute in the West Village, I coordinated to meet my friend Jessi at the 125th station. But before I got there, I struck up a lovely conversation with (or, passive voice, had a lovely conversation … struck up on me? by?) an equally lovely Indian man in a blue courderoy blazer. Around 125th I tried to scan the platform for my pal before she appeared in front of me, railing me for not looking for her. She managed to spot me in the moving train because my neck does this craning thing – very turtle like. Clearly, a retractable neck is your best bet for meeting a friend on the train.

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