Why I love NY

Yesterday morning, as I was preparing my toast for breakfast, I looked out the window and saw the street was cleared of traffic and people were lined up along the sidewalks cheering. At first I only saw a couple runners go by, a few people in wheelchairs, the occasional small group. I thought maybe it was some kind of charity walk, or something. Then my roommate woke up and suggested we go up to the roof to watch. So we threw coats on and went outside to look. The view from the roof wasn’t so great, so we went back down to the street. When we got outside my roommate said to me, “I woke up and I heard all this clapping, and I was wondering what was going on.” A spectator turned to us and said, “We were clapping because you woke up.”

Within about 20 minutes the real runners started showing up, and all of a sudden there were hundreds of them pounding the pavement past our building. We retreated back inside and sat on the fire escape watching. I watched for an hour as huge groups of people, two hundred at a time, ran past. It was just like the Halloween parade, only faster. Also the costumes weren’t as good. Well, I did see a couple of Blues Brothers, a Scooby Doo, a Batman, and a lot of American flags. No P. Diddy, though.

“That’s one of those perks I forgot to tell you about when you moved in,” my roommate said to me, “once a year the New York City Marathon goes right by the building.”

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  1. roondog (unregistered) on April 21st, 2005 @ 9:28 am


    just found your comment about the NYC marathon! – just to let you know that i was Batman! – if you saw me running with scooby doo then was definitly me – Scooby is my brother!! – we did the run for charity (diabetes)!!

    i’m from scotland – NY is such a cool place – hope to get back sometime! – anyway just thought it would be cool to say hi – and say thankyou for supporting us!!! – it makes a huge differance!!

    take it easy

    Graham a.k.a Batman!!!

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